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Tiny Fellowship Coordinator

Full-Time in New Orleans, LA - Investments Team


Hi there!

We're 4.0 Schools - a community of passionate people building the future of school, one piece at a time. We connect, coach, and invest in people to build schools, learning spaces, and tools with students and families in their local communities. You can learn more about our community HERE, HERE and HERE. We’re looking for our newest teammates to take our Essentials and Tiny Fellowships to the next level! Read on to learn about the Tiny Fellowship Coordinator role or click HERE to learn about the Essentials Fellowship Coordinator role.

What’s the Tiny Fellowship?

Launching a startup comes with inherent risk. At 4.0, we coach aspiring founders to run rigorous trials to manage that risk. Our fellows vet their promising concepts at a small scale with student and families who give them high-frequency feedback before they build the full scale model. The Tiny Fellowship takes aspiring founders from an idea with early traction to a proofpoint that is ready to grow. They learn how to plan, run, and evaluate a recurring, part-time pilot (e.g. after-school club). Tiny Fellows get access to coaching from experts, a $10K grant, and a community of peers, all pushing them to run disciplined tests. By the end of the Tiny Fellowship, they’ll have evidence that their idea works, that people want it, and that they have a viable path forward.

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Let’s take a look at the main duties of the role:

As the Tiny Fellowship Coordinator, you are the keeper of the fellow experience from application to graduation. You are the first line of support and provide extreme hospitality to our fellows across the country. You anticipate fellows’ needs and respond quickly and thoughtfully as questions arise. You also coordinate the screening process, help design the curriculum of the Tiny Fellowship, and maintain systems for tracking fellow progress. You’ll also ride shotgun with a network of seasoned coaches as they mentor our fellows. Ultimately, your job is to make sure each fellow in our program is able to maximize their experience at 4.0. On a daily basis, you will look for ways to make our work world-class – sometimes in the ‘back of house’ (designing and managing systems behind the scenes), sometimes in the ‘front of house’ (creating new methods and experiences to make 4.0 delightful for our users).

You'll fit right in if:

  • You fancy yourself a generalist and love a wide range of projects.

  • You enjoy anticipating needs & solving problems before they become an issue.

  • You are comfortable communicating through multiple mediums with a variety of individuals across the country.

  • You have an orientation towards hospitality and going above and beyond to meet the needs of our fellows -think concierge + maitre'd superpowers.

  • You see connections and opportunities – between people, ideas, networks.

  • Whether an event for 100 or an invitation for 10, the design of space, events, and experiences matters to you.

  • You like to work in a fast-paced, fiercely iterative environment and you are an enthusiastic collaborator.

  • You are obsessed with feedback – collecting, synthesizing, and acting on it.

  • You’re comfortable building with us and our Fellows and don’t expect to walk into a finalized program.

  • You are resourceful, comfortable with ambiguity, and a self-starter.

  • You are wired to care about details.

  • You have a creative flair.

  • Building relationships with educators and entrepreneurs motivates you.

  • You take your work seriously, but not yourself.

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Bonus Experience & Competencies:

  • Alum of Essentials Fellowship, Tiny Fellowship or Launch

  • Experience in customer service (in-person or online)

  • Experience as a facilitator, coach, or teacher

  • Experience managing projects, logistics and operations

  • Experience managing data or creating systems

  • Experience building virtual communities

  • Experience as a screener or interviewer

  • Experience working at a startup

Our commitment to equity:

We are deeply committed to diversity in our staff, our fellows' ventures, and our programs. Widening gaps between races, classes and communities are pushing us away from one another, and we believe schooling has a better shot at uniting us and drawing us back across these boundaries than any other tool on our belt. We believe the future of school is one where barriers are lifted, systems of oppression are dismantled and anyone interested in building has access and equity. That means making our work about both fairness/justice and about those in power creating and sharing ownership.

Here are some of the skills you'll develop in this role:

  • Facilitating and coaching using 4.0 methodology (in groups/1-on-1, on/offline)

  • Designing curriculum and learning experiences

  • Creating systems, tools and reports

  • Sourcing, screening, interviewing and on-boarding

  • Idea-stage investing and portfolio management

  • Measuring impact of social ventures

  • Managing events and making thoughtful iterations

  • Managing budgets and negotiating with vendors

  • Hiring, training, managing and evaluating contractors

  • Building a lasting network of leaders in education

  • Building your awareness of what's next in education R&D

  • Starting your own shop - whether in education or elsewhere


This is a junior to mid-level role and you will report to Austin Crouse, who manages the Tiny Fellowship. Expected salary range is $45K-$60K, commensurate with experience. We also provide a generous benefits package.

And here are some extra perks you’ll get:

  • Generous vacation and flexible work culture

  • Professional development stipend and learning trips

  • Technology stipend and phone bill reimbursement

What is the difference between this role and the Essentials Fellowship Coordinator role?

Good question! Essentials is a smaller investment we make in up to 200 people a year who are in the exploratory stage of their idea while Tiny is a larger investment we make in up to 100 people a year ready to create a proofpoint of their solution. The two fellowships do mirror each other - starting with prework at home, then "camp" in New Orleans, virtual coaching afterwards, and capital to run tests. You'll apply similar skills whether you're on the Essentials or Tiny teams. We recruit for both in the same campaign, align curriculum, share systems, and expect Ess graduates to join Tiny.

Here are 3 key differences:

1) Fellows at each program have different needs. The Essentials team thinks a lot about how to teach foundational user-centered design skills like empathy building, user definition, problem unbundling, assumptions ranking, paper prototyping, and designing pop-up experiences to test if people even want what you're building. The Tiny team focuses on teaching follow-on skills like contract negotiations, team culture, budgeting, and designing recurring pilots to test if the solution produces the intended outcomes.

2) Essentials team supports twice as many people as the Tiny team. Essentials team manages 12 in-person camps a year, each with 15-20 fellows, while Tiny manages 2 camps, each with up to 50 fellows. You must be good at in-person logistics/ops if you're running Essentials. The small cohort experience is important so skills in community building and designing peer learning experience are helpful. Tiny is a mostly virtual program. So you must be good at virtual support, creating online learning experiences and building affinity circles between larger groups.

3) Tiny is a newer program compared to Essentials. So, we're looking for one talented teammate who can take Essentials from good to great and another who can co-build the Tiny ship while flying it!

Click HERE to learn about the Essentials Fellowship Coordinator role.

Ready to swipe right? Let’s talk!

We are a small yet mighty team and adding a teammate is one of the most important things we do at 4.0. For this reason, our hiring process has quite a few steps that allow us to get to know you better and for you to learn more about how we work. The first step of our process is to apply below. Applications close at noon on July 31st. We will interview candidates in August and early September so that we can make an offer by mid-September. The expected starting date is between mid-September to end of October.